Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have some ideas for upcoming blogs that I'd like to share!

This could just be a crazy thought that won't manifest into anything more concrete, but I would really like to start a segment on YouTube for weblogs and video tutorials on vegan cooking basics. It could be a lot of fun to create something like that and then to bring it on over here to this blog.

I also want to do a special blog on blanket forts! Yes! You read right, I did type blanket forts because blanket forts are AWESOME! Sometimes I wonder if I'm really an adult. That's okay! :-)

Josh and I both hope to combine our thoughts to make a blog about being vegan and how we handle all that being vegan encompasses, with Kai.

That's all for now. Stay tuned!

A is for Activist [A Review]

I recently saw this book at the library and it immediately caught my eye. A board book on activism? I had to pull it off the shelf immediately and look through it. After a quick peek inside, I excitedly put it in our book pile and we checked it out.

A is for Activism, written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara, was an amazing find! The art in the book is beautifully unique and it manages to keep my toddler's attention - quite the rarity these days.

I love the different topics that are touched upon: co-ops, grassroots, equal rights, LGBTQ, and peace marches. I feel like it could be a great way to introduce a child to these topics which could then lead into a deeper discussion if it piques their curiosity. Kai is still too young to understand any of it, but he sees that I enjoy reading it to him and that makes him excited.

It goes through the alphabet and showcases words for each letter, so not only does it integrate the progressive themes, it also helps to teach the alphabet.

And did I mention? There are cats to find on each page! It's fun to look for them and I can't wait until Kai is a little older and can look too.

I already added the book into our amazon cart to purchase in the future. It's a brilliant book and I want to have it around once Kai can appreciate it better.

You should check it out!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hey all! It's Amy again.

I'm sitting here on this bitter cold Michigan morning (10 degrees and feels like -9 according to drinking a hot herbal infusion from called Easy Day Tea. It's drafty in our little abode and so my cup of tea is exceptionally delightful today; it's pure berry mint warmth. The thermostat in here reads at 65 degrees, but it certainly feels colder.

I've been thinking about resolutions this morning. My inbox has been flooded with emails suggesting, "a new year, a new you!" and of course they mean that because it's a new year, I should buy myself new clothes and cosmetics or lose weight to become an upgraded version of myself. While getting in shape can be a challenging resolution, sometimes I wonder if it's those less apparent resolutions that offer more of a challenge.

For instance, this year I want to be more selfless. It's a resolution that I'll be able to see progress, yet others will not be able to gauge it as easily. If my goal were to lose weight, the people around me might take notice and offer support and encouragement. When the resolve is more of an internal nature, it rests on my shoulders to inspire myself and to encourage myself to keep momentum to make a transformation that only I might know.

I think it makes the discipline more of a challenge, one that is very rewarding.

There are a lot of focuses that are more internal that could be rewarding, especially paired with a focus of getting in shape or doing yoga regularly.

For some internal evolution ideas: intentional kindness, being more self-confident, being less judgmental, having an open mind, exploring boundaries of comfort and then stepping outside the comfort zone, or having more empathy for others.

Here are a few more ideas outside of that:
Yoga, learning meditation, learning an instrument, picking up a new hobby (studying herbalism, drinking tea, and gardening are all great ways to spend time!), going vegan or vegetarian for a month, or learning how to eat healthier.

I know a lot of people think resolutions are silly, but I think it's refreshing to be reminded that I'm not the best possible version of myself and that I should focus on bettering myself and enriching my life.

What are your resolutions this year? What would you like to change in your life or accomplish this year?