Sunday, January 19, 2014

A is for Activist [A Review]

I recently saw this book at the library and it immediately caught my eye. A board book on activism? I had to pull it off the shelf immediately and look through it. After a quick peek inside, I excitedly put it in our book pile and we checked it out.

A is for Activism, written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara, was an amazing find! The art in the book is beautifully unique and it manages to keep my toddler's attention - quite the rarity these days.

I love the different topics that are touched upon: co-ops, grassroots, equal rights, LGBTQ, and peace marches. I feel like it could be a great way to introduce a child to these topics which could then lead into a deeper discussion if it piques their curiosity. Kai is still too young to understand any of it, but he sees that I enjoy reading it to him and that makes him excited.

It goes through the alphabet and showcases words for each letter, so not only does it integrate the progressive themes, it also helps to teach the alphabet.

And did I mention? There are cats to find on each page! It's fun to look for them and I can't wait until Kai is a little older and can look too.

I already added the book into our amazon cart to purchase in the future. It's a brilliant book and I want to have it around once Kai can appreciate it better.

You should check it out!

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